Where is the Bird? is the book that makes pre-speech communication between babies and adults a reality.

Where is the Bird? inspires all families, deaf and hearing, to interact in British Sign Language (BSL). Our buggy book + smartphone app is designed to go wherever you go. Turn the pages and wake up magical illustrations that pop-up out of the pages as colourful 3D animations before being paired with video demonstrations of a BSL sign. 

To download our FREE app, simply search for ‘Baby BSL’ on the App Store or GooglePlay.

About the book
Where is the bird? the first augmented reality storybook to promote British Sign Language as a language for deaf and hearing children alike. When used with our free-to-download smartphone app, Where is the Bird? showcases twenty useful everyday signs: ten augmented reality animations, and ten BSL videos demonstrated by children from Elmfield School for Deaf Children.

Baby BSL is a co-learning system that encourages parent and child to proactively play and learn together. We suggest that you familarise yourself with the BSL signs using the smartphone app and then use the app + book to activate the AR and practice and play together. Once you begin to memorise the signs, you can graduate to practising with the book only. Soon you'll be able to sign your own stories and describe the world around you together.

Find more tips on how to use the book and learn Baby BSL.


Why use Baby BSL?
Any parent knows that their baby has complex thoughts and needs that they want to convey before they can use their voice. Learning to speak is difficult and can be frustrating for parent and child. Baby BSL helps to bridge the gap, helping children communicate complex concepts earlier.

Research shows that early gestures are a key part of language development. And sign language is a recognised, effective support for deaf and hearing families, empowering all parents to take control of the very early stages of language development and sign with their children long before they learn to use their words. Unlike Makaton, British Sign Language is a complete and expressive language. There is no limit to the complexity of the message possible between parent and child.

Baby BSL, an interactive system of learning, integrates itself into the lives of modern parents by being be affordable, portable, flexible and fun.  Baby BSL inspires and empowers busy parents to introduce themselves to BSL how-ever and where-ever they choose. Signs can be accessed quickly, easily and in a variety of ways: use your smartphone to learn the signs, use the book + phone together to share the AR animations and videos, or use our buggy book as a book to practice signs at home or in the park. 

Not only is signing together lots of fun but studies show that Baby sign language helps you develop your relationship with your baby. You can get a better understanding of what they want and need, and knowing that you understand them makes your baby feel closer to you too.