By combining cutting edge technologies: Augmented Reality (AR), video and audio with simple narratives, Baby BSL is an interactive illustrated children’s pop-up storybook and communications aid. Baby BSL addresses the lack of intuitive teaching assets for hearing families and inspires and empowers parents to learn to sign at home.

“Maya (3) still remembered all the signs we showed her several days later. Even the signs, like bird, that we’d forgotten!” — Owen

smartphone app

Our smartphone app is available for Android and iOS. If you are reading on a smartphone, please select one of the red links above. If you reading on a desktop, please click the button below and scan the QR code with your phone. You will link to Apple’s Testflight or GooglePlay. Please permit camera access and trust the source. Don’t forget to print our book to trigger the AR animations. Thank you!


Ar/MR Book

When activated with our smartphone app, our books ‘wake’ augmented reality (AR) animations and mixed reality (MR) videos creating an immersive multimedia storybook. Print pages double-sided on any A4 printer to create two booklets for you to enjoy. You must download the Smartphone App to wake the animations. We hope we can look forward to reading your feedback!


Baby BSL is a prototype co-learning system that, when used together with our booklet, demonstrates videos and AR animations for ten BSL signs. Baby BSL is designed to be compatible with your everyday routine, whilst being playful and fun at the same time. Try to use the signs in the app for at least a couple of weeks. The more you interact with your child using signs, the more you will both learn. Baby may not sign back as quickly as you’d like, but they are watching, and they will enjoy playing with you.

Please feedback to us by email or through the app. We try to make as many of the changes you suggest as possible. Thank you in advance for your help, good or bad, it helps us to improve.

Changes suggested by user-testers are:

  • Torch switch to help AR in low lighting conditions.

  • Trigger AR from the vertical.

  • Video gallery to access signs on the move.

  • Toggle videos on/off in AR mode.

  • Lock the AR animation to the screen.

  • Fullscreen videos of the sign demonstrations.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to the members of the Deaf community, especially Elmfield School for Deaf Children, for all their kind advice and guidance in developing Baby BSL.